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Summary of week 40/2010

10/11/2010 - AS

It would be slightly unfair to say that the season has started as expected.

Summary of week thirty

04/14/2008 -

The season is now officially over after Kärpät won the fifth final game against Blues giving them their fourth win on the series.

Summary of week twenty-nine

04/07/2008 -

The battle for the place in the finals heated and took Jokerit and Blues all the way to their 7th game. Jokerit had a chance to take the fourth win already in the fifth game. However, Blues was able to fight back making its way to the finals against Kärpät.

Summary of week twenty-eight

04/01/2008 -

Week twenty-eight started the semifinals, from which two teams need four wins to continue to the final.

Summary of week twenty-seven

03/25/2008 -

The teams battled for a spot in the semifinals during the week. Blues ensured their position already on Wednesday, but others played still on Friday. Semi-finals started on Monday.

Summary of week twenty-six

03/18/2008 -

The play-off started during week twenty-six first with first round and then games between the top eight teams.

Summary of week twenty-five

03/08/2008 -

This summary includes games from two different weeks, last week and this Tuesday’s games. Now that each team has played 56 games, the regular season is over and play-offs begin.

Summary of week twenty-four

02/25/2008 -

Twenty exciting games were played during the week. There is not much left, only two weeks time to earn the spot to the play-offs. After the week all the teams have played 52 games.

Summary of week twentythree

02/18/2008 -

The League returned from the break with 20 games. After the week there are three weeks to go of the regular season.

Summary of week twentyone

02/05/2008 -

Week twenty included 21 games following the National Team break. During the week the transfer window to Europe closed, and a lot of movement was seen in the rosters.

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